• PowerShell Profile Instant Prompt

    Recently I began using Oh My Posh for PowerShell 7+ (pwsh). One thing I noticed however is that it takes upward of a second to activate in my pwsh $profile. Let’s dig in and see if we can’t improve that.

  • How I Built This Website, And How to Do It Yourself

    Static Websites with Jekyll


    Sidneys1.com is built statically using Jekyll, and then published on the world wide web, GitHub Pages, Tor, and IPFS. How is this all accomplished, and how can you host your own website this way? Let’s walk through it step by step. We’ll be looking into (over the course of several posts):

    • Building a website with Jekyll
    • Hosting on NearlyFreeSpeech.net
    • Customizing the site layout and adding useful features
    • Hosting on GitHub Pages
    • Hosting on IPFS
    • Hosting on Tor
  • Retro Roundup 2022


    Here’s a quick roundup of the retrocomputing projects I worked on and devices I’ve acquired! Since this is the first year I started collecting retro computers, it will also contain a few items that I’ve had for over a year as well.

  • Raytracing!


    Since I started programming I’ve had a dream in the back of my mind: raytracers are super cool, and I’d like to build one myself. But with that dream accompanied another thought: raytracers are nearly a pure expression of math, a discipline I am poorly qualified for.

    However this winter I discovered a new programming community, OneLoneCoder, and its leader, javidx9. Watching the videos produced by javidx9 inspired me to take a leap of faith in myself and start this raytracing project. The result has been amazing to see unfold as I developed first a working prototype in C#, then in C++, and finally as I produced what hopefully is an easy to follow “tutorial” style Git repository. So, lets dive in!